The Abuses Need to Stop

The multiple licensing boards that act to ensure public safety and more for the Oregon public are being abused by their officers and board members.  Some of them rotate every few years or so, but others have been appointed for "careers" so that they become like little dictators over their domain.  They protect their friends and others, while arbitrarily and capriciously going after those that they dislike or that their friends dislike, in essence to remove their competition.

Multiple Stories . . . Yours . . . Ours

Many professionals have had their careers destroyed and ended early due to the abuses perpetrated by these various state boards.  If you would like to tell your story, whether openly with your name or anonymously, we are open to hearing about it.

Next Steps...

This site is "under construction."  We will post further information on contacting us with your stories and such in the near future.