Oregon Medical Board

Recognize that the OMB considers its' licensees "guilty, until we think you're  innocent" whenever they start an investigation.  The board does not discipline licensees in a consistent manner and does whatever it likes, whenever it likes, no matter the stress to the patients or the licensees.

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Oregon State Board of Nursing

The OSBN does not act in a consistent manner when investigating its' licensees.

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Oregon Board of Dentistry

The OBD fails to hold its' licensees up to the dental practice laws of the State of Oregon.  The OBD has failed to ensure that dentists quit prescribing opiates to their patients without first doing the basic medical requirements that other practitioners follow.

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Why do doctors fear their licensing boards?

Licensing boards should help its' doctors by educating them and guiding them through the changes that come with evolving social pressures and governmental policies.  Yet often these boards fail to do just that.  They gladly discipline numerous doctors for the same issues, but never bother to publish pro-active advice to help other doctors from making the same mistakes.  They act as judge, jury, and executioner.  Appeals, even when won, are disregarded by boards.  They are "almighty and never wrong."


Next Steps...

The Oregon legislature and the governor have failed to act despite numerous examples of dictatorial actions on the part of these boards.  It is time to contact your congressman and demand action before your doctor loses his or her license too.